Imperial Galleries is your complete resource for Lampe Berger. We are an old, well established online Lampe Berger dealer.  We sell only genuine Lampe Berger fragrance oils, lamps, burners and accessories.  You have every assurance that our website is secure, everything we sell is authentic, and our customer service is without equal.  Imperial Galleries is one of the largest Lampe Berger dealers in the United States with over 300 different lamps and over 60 different fragrances in stock.  We have a fine collection of retired Lampe Berger lamps, fragrances, and accessories. 

Around 1898, Lampe Berger introduced their air-cleaning fragrance lamps and fragrances. It was determined that these lamps had the remarkable ability to destroy odors and other air contaminants. This ability has been much improved over time. These lamps are used in homes and offices not to cover up odors but to eliminate them. Choose Lampe Beger quality and integrity.


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    Imperial Galleries specializes in selling Lampe Berger Paris fragrance oils, burners and accessories.