Baby Jillian by Lee Middleton
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First Breath of Life Baby Doll Sleeping. Lee Middleton Baby Jillian was sculpted by the very talented Reva Schick for Lee Middleton as part of the Breath of Like Babies collection and has been retired. She is the first vinyl doll to feature a remarkable and revolutionary new breathing mechanism. When 2 AA batteries are inserted in her back and you press her chest, she actually appears to breath! She has very soft light brown hand rooted hair and is a sleeping baby with tiny lashes.  Jillian’s dress is a lovely light weight white cotton dress with embroidery work on the skirt. Under her dress is a long sleeved white t-shirt, a disposable diaper, and a precious little white diaper cover with snaps up each side.

Model: 01396

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Baby Jillian by Lee Middleton

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