Burner/Wick (Old Style)
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This is Lampe Berger's old style wick/burner for those who prefer its easy convenience, long life and reliability. These are genuine original Lampe Berger burners! They are not the burners sold by OTHER DEALERS or on eBay in identical boxes that are manufactured in China and are not real Lampe Berger burners, or are confused with Lampe Berger's Basic burner. This reliable long life of this burner is exceptional.

Although it is no longer in production, Imperial Galleries has managed to acquire a limited quantity. As with all burners, we recommend that you fill your lamp no more than half full with only Lampe Berger fragrance. Allow your lamp to flame about 1.5 minutes the first time you light it and about a minute thereafter.

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Burner/Wick (Old Style)

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